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Baltodano Family
Bob Kinghorn
Brandon Henry
Caesar Navarro
Charlie Decker
Ernie Diner
Game Family
Goodrum Family
Hunt Family
Janet Popham
Julian Stognew
Keough Family
Linda Perez
Louisa Swenson
Lovins Family
Maria Grison
Melinda Mccurdy
MissyKatherine Pritchard's neighbor. Praying for another opportunity to speak to her and that she would be saved
Nick Rush
Pereda Family
Rosa Guerrero
Scott Richardson
Shelby Peters
Shoemaker Family
Tisbert Family
Williams Family


Azuree Pascal
Joleen Torres
Marc Merceron
Peter Hurd
Raif Prevatt
Renee Broderick
Stephanie Turner
Trey Sheppard


America’s Leaders
First Responders
Caterina AbrahamDeb Sanders neighbor who has coronavirus.
Drew SanbornThe Sanborns grandson that works in a hospital with Covid-19 patients.
Ethan BuchananA senior at PCHS who lost his dad to Covid-19
Joan Blumer – PraiseGary's mom, has fully recovered from the virus!
Jayne ConverseMary Bennett's Daughter. She is in the hospital and is very afraid. She is unsaved
Mani GomezOne of our bus children’s aunt – diagnosed with the virus.
Mary Ann CilentoNeighbor of Ms. Bruni that might have the virus.
PA Nursing HomeAlice Zimmerman’s friends, Debby and Cheri, work at a nursing home in PA, and they have many cases of the corona virus (13 so far).
Kaitlyn CoxThe Sanborns grandaughter that works in a hospital with Covid-19 patients.


Albert Kohut
Aletha Mills
Ann Ellerbee
Becky Sprankle
Bill Campbell
Bob Dennis
Brenda Berkheimer
Brenda Smith
Bruni Navarro
Charles Bennett
Cordella Clark
James Sebast
Janice Campbell
Jesse Powell
Joyce WellsJust learned that she has a kidney disease
Julie Rollie
Larry Black
Mary Brockman
Nora Ortiz
Pam Osbourn
Pearline Kirkpatrick
Rachel Doan
Rene Dennis
Roger Thibadeau
Sharon Peters
Tom Dufour
Wes Millard
Wilbert LovinsHeart Cath is being rescheduled. Asperated food into his lungs.


Bill Quillen
Bob ZiminskiA foreign missionary friend of Susan Trotter that is dealing with a very serious rectal cancer.
Colleen Wilson
David Amos
Dick Bennett
Garrett Jones
George McLintock
Hailey Baker
Isaac Progi
Jacky Ammond
Jenny HartleyPancreatic cancer
Josh Eberhardt
Judy Sally
Linda Costello
Linda CrawfordJessica Millers’ grandmother diagnosed with cancer.
Her surgery went well, she goes back Friday for follow-up. Waiting on biopsy results.

Michelle Jones
Marissa ManessHad an MRI on 5-13 - praying for good results.
Mary Anne BradyThe mother of one of Samantha Gudroe-Morrison’s friends. Has multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.
Norman LaGrandeA Friend of Kay Corum that is dealing with mouth cancer.
Pat Martin
Rachel Jeffs
Randy Short
Samuel Stevenson10 years old and a friend of Katie Miller. Praise the Lord that the Brain Tumor was removed successfully, but the news is not good. It is an aggressive form of malignant cancer and when they leave the Tampa hospital they'll go to Orlando for 6 weeks for radiation then a short break and then 6 weeks chemo. Please pray for this little boy and his parents!
Sherri Freeman
Sherry Byers
Tom FarrellHe was just given the news that he has a brain tumor.


Fallon Hembury
Sharon Brower


Bo Gar
Erin Hurd
Joy Case
Marie Bradley
Melissa Keizer
Robin Rose
Trotter Family


Ann RawsonBrittany Boyle's grandmother, she is extremely ill
Becky C.Katherine Pritchard's friend that attempted to commit suicide and is in the hospital now.
Blanch Macio
Bob Zimmerman
Charlotte FarmerRecovering from a car accident
Christine GelbIs dealing with the Epstein Barr virus.
Danny BranhamA friend of Dottie Millard's that had a possible stroke.
Don FarmerMultiple System Atrophy, Autonomic Insufficiency, & Rem Behavior Disorder.
Eli BoyleFell and fractured both ankles.
Faye LovinsBattling with poor health.
Glen TaylorBroken hip. He is Ron Riddle's brother-in-law.
Jud IversonA friend of the Farmers. Had water drained from his brain and is waiting for more to dissolve
Larry Thompson
Lauren Luna
Mary MillerWas in a 4-wheeler accident.
Northerngale Family
Pastor John Hankins


Bus Ministry
Children’s Church
Cindy Walker
Cora MartinezShe is in a coma. Also pray for her son Juan who is dealing with major family changes.
Croy FamilyBrother Croy has passed away.
Dennis Smith
Gilliland FamilyBob Gilliland passed away. He is Ashlee Hanselman's grandfather.
Jamin KnickerbockerPraise the Lord he has received regular visitation with his girls. Has a custody hearing on April 29th.
Jeremiah WebsterThe Websters son that is stationed in South Korea.
Michael LaBargeJust moved into the area and is looking for a good job
Mindheart Family
Nursing Home
Prison Ministry
Sowers Program
Sunday School
Truth Baptist Church
Wyland FamilyJared Wyland, their 17-year-old son, died from a drug overdose.

Updated 05-20-20